Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What do I hope to achieve?

The main thing I'd like to achieve is a portal on which we can display some of the many treasures held in our Special Collections Department. It would be good to make as many as possible of the manuscripts, letters, books, images and other documents normally kept under lock and key, digitally available to scholars and the wider public. Like libraries everywhere these days, we are always looking for ways of increasing our visibility and usefulness in the digital world, and this project would achieve both aims.
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It would be good, too, for the project to prove that the Library is adapting to the changing needs of the scholarly community. As research and teaching become increasingly based on the digital, it's important for the Library to show that it can also make these older treasures available digitally, as well as its more mainstream journal and book stock.>
In the longer term, it might be possible for the portal's functionality to be used by researchers elsewhere in the University for other Digital Humanities projects in which they are engaged. I hope in due course to have a publicity drive, with visits to academic Schools, to show what the portal can do and encourage suggestions for its further use.

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