Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Who are the team?

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I'm very pleased to be working on this project with the University's Research Computing team.  This makes it an interesting collaborative effort between the Library and IT Services, and one which we feel we are to some extent pioneering.  Research Computing consists at present of the Team Leader, who has the role of Research Computing Advisor, and an Applications Developer, plus a number of volunteers to assist with various projects.  The team has plans to expand, however, and are currently advertising for an additional Research Computing Advisor and an additional Applications Developer.  More about this on the Research Computing blog.  Doubling the team pretty much confirms the Digital Humanities as a growth area in the University, which has to be a Good Thing!

On the Library side, there's just me, but I have plenty of back-up from our Special Collections Department (where all the good, digitisable material is held), and especially from the three part-time scanners who put in lots of work on our two Bookeye scanners and will soon, I hope, be providing me with a steady stream of digital stuff.

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