Thursday, 4 April 2013

Digital exhibitions

One of the things I've been tasked with in my new Digital Humanities post is creating digital versions of exhibitions the Library puts on.  Last autumn the Special Collections Department mounted a superb analog exhibition entitled A Royal Foundation: 400 Years of the King James Library, tracing the Library's history from its origins around 1612.  I'm now working with Special Collections staff and my Research Computing colleagues to produce a website which will record the "main events" of that exhibition, and retain its flavour. 
Information panel, A Royal Foundation exhibition.

The script and selection of materials have been fairly straightforward, but the "retaining the flavour" part of the project is proving more difficult!  We are hoping to translate the look of the exhibition's information panels - with their parchment background and ornamental headers and footers - into the webpages, and are currently finding that the Drupal page templates provided in Islandora seem not quite able to deliver that.
  And it would have to be said that it's a sophisticated look for someone like myself, not a professional web-designer, to try to achieve!  However, there's nothing like learning on the job, and I'm now about to experiment with a page template from Dreamweaver to see if the challenge can be met that way.  Watch this space for progress!

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