Thursday, 13 June 2013

Digital Books page goes live

I'm delighted to say that the repository's Digital Books page now contains seven whole, page-turning books!  It's been a painstaking but very satisfying process, and I'm indebted to both the Special Collections scanning team for the hours they've spent placing individual pages on the Bookeye machines, and to Rare Books Librarian Daryl Green for selecting the books for inclusion.

Book of Hours TypFP.B00PH

Books which appear on this page will be there either because St Andrews holds the only known copy, or because it's important to St Andrews, is a copy with a specific provenance of interest, or a surrogate copy is required for preservation of the original.  All criteria make the book "special" in some way.  A link to the catalogue record for each book can be opened in a separate tab so that details about the item can be viewed alongside the digitised pages if desired.  Links to the digital versions of the books will also appear soon in SAULCAT which should make them easier to find.  Books on the page so far include Ralph Erskine's The militant's song (1725), R. Lambert Playfair's An account of Aden (1859), and the Catalogue of books, in the public library at Dunse (1780), and there are more to follow - I am currently uploading the many beautiful pages of the 16th century Auxerre Book of Hours with its elaborate woodcut borders and full-page biblical scenes (preview above), and look forward to adding other titles to the list soon.

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