Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Treasures of the Library films

Another project I've been enjoying working on this summer has been our Treasures of the Library films.  In 2010 the Special Collections Department published a beautifully illustrated book containing short articles by university staff and others about the materials they most valued in our rare books, manuscripts and photography collections.  We've now decided to produce an electronic version of this in the form of a series of films in which the academics talk about the treasures they chose.  My role has been the administrative one of setting up filming sessions with staff from our Media Services department and coaxing
Treasures of St Andrews University Library book cover Z921.A53T8 -  film coming soon!
people into agreeing to come and be filmed - some have been keener than others!  It's been very interesting seeing the films taking shape, and we now have two almost ready for screening and another half dozen at the "rough cut" stage.  We've been lucky to be able to draw on the expertise of Media Services staff, several of whom have worked with film before and were happy to step into the impromptu role of producers.  We haven't quite decided how they're to be launched on the web - the Islandora repository will upload them happily when we've installed its "Video Collection" module, but we could also put them on YouTube and embed them in the Library's webpages from there.  A few discussions have still to be had about that.  I'll put some links here on the blog when they're ready. 

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