Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Treasures films now live!

I'm delighted to say we now have five Treasures of the Library films up and running, uploaded to YouTube and embedded in our Special Collections pages.  You can watch the experts talking about the St Andrews Psalter  (1425) with its beautiful illuminated margins, the Statutes of St Leonard's College which decree that no woman should set foot on university premises "save the common laundress, who must be 50 years at least," and the splendidly illustrated 15th-century Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England.  There are also discussions of Gilbert Francklyn's pamphlet, Observations... of the Slave Trade (1788) and of D'Arcy Thompson's annotated copy of his book On Growth and Form (1942).  We are hugely grateful to the academics who have devoted their time and expertise to this project, and to the wonderfully skilled staff of our Media Services Department who made it all happen.  Here's a sample.

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