Tuesday, 20 October 2015

St Andrews Digital Humanities Network launch event

The Library is delighted to be planning the launch on November 3 of the St Andrews Digital Humanities Network.  Following in the footsteps of similar initiatives at Oxford and Cambridge, the St Andrews network will aim to identify the Digital Humanities community here and to define that community’s needs.  Discussions within  this forum will enable us, we hope, to build Digital Humanities expertise and capacity, and to develop faculty-wide and inter-faculty links which could inspire collaboration and experimentation in future projects.  We look forward to considering, for example, whether we need an inter-faculty Digital Humanities Skills module and if so, how that could be arranged.  We might produce a regular online newsletter to disseminate Digital Humanities best practice and updates about training, and we might also think about how St Andrews’ many impressive Digital Humanities projects could be better showcased to a wider public. 

In launching the St Andrews Digital Humanities Network we look forward to working closely with the Critical Mass at Lunchtime initiative organised by Dr Konrad Lawson and Dr Uta Hinrichs, and with the School of Computer Science’s IDIR (Institute of Data-Intensive Research), both of which provide extremely welcome concurrent responses to the many challenges of the fast-developing digital research community here at St Andrews.

An interesting programme of presentations is planned for the day, with Professor Melissa Terras, Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities at UCL giving the keynote talk, “Joining the Dots: How Building a Digital Humanities Network can Benefit Individuals and Institutions.”  There will also be talks by academic staff from Classics, History and Modern Languages who are currently involved with Digital Humanities projects, and from Library staff who will explain the various ways in which they can provide support for projects of this kind.